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Caregiver Testimonials

Since 1991, A-1 Domestic Professional Services, A-1 Home Care, A-1 Caregiver Agency & A-1 Nannies

has been providing excellence in Home Care and Child Care Service. Through our distinguished and personalized service, we have built ongoing relationships with all of our Caregivers, Companions, CNAs, CHHAs, Nannies, Babysitters and Mothers Helpers. Whatever area it is that you excel, we are committed to finding you opportunities to help those in need. Here's what our caregivers have to say about our agency.

Demarae of Norwalk, CA.

"I have been registered with A-1 Home Care Agency for 3 months. I like the fact that they always have job listings open and make sure to call me. I love working with the elderly, so being a companion / caregiver is amazing. The senior clients I work for are so wise and sweet. When I got hired, I was called within an hour of my interview to tell me I got the job. I was so happy! The staff at A-1 Home Care and A-1 Caregivers Agency is great. They are very nice and made sure I got placed in a job very quickly."

Lolita of Azusa, CA.

"The staff at A-1 Home Care Agency are good, prompt and helpful. One of the best parts of being a caregiver is meeting nice, wonderful people."

Clary of El Monte, CA.

"I really like being a Caregiver and helping senior and elderly people, especially those without family close by. I recommend A-1 Home Care Agency to caregivers and anyone needing in home care services."

Elena of Walnut, CA.

"My experience with A-1 Home Care has been extremely positive. Office staff have been helpful and knowledgeable in placing me in caregiving positions. As a Caregiver, I like knowing I have the opportunity and experience to assist patients. I enjoy making a positive difference in an elderly person's life."

Hanake of Santa Ana, CA.

"I recommend A-1 Home Care to anyone needing assistance. I really like being a caregiver and making my patients happy. I enjoy providing them with peace of mind."

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